Thursday, May 30, 2013

First blog, first post, and the Unafraid alphabet!

Yay!! This is my first blog and my very first post! After a Teens Write seminar, I finally convinced my mom that it is important to have a blog to get “a following”.  I told her that the public likes sneak peeks and then, they get excited about what is coming out next! She is kinda old-fashioned and thinks it is putting ‘the cart before the horse’ but she is a loving “mommy’ so . . . I finally have a blog! I plan on posting a lot about my writing projects and probably some book reviews, too.

Look for a series of blog posts about my current project, Unafraid. Molly Evangeline (her books are awesome) did a series of posts on her blog about her Makilien Trilogy using the alphabet. Based on her idea, I want to use one letter of the alphabet each week and introduce you to my story. Since there are 26 letters in the alphabet, this will give me 26 weeks to finish writing and revising Unafraid. Stay tuned!