Sunday, July 14, 2013

A is for Adwar

Sorry it took so long to post this! I've been really busy and haven't had time to work on this.

What is a better place to start then with the country the story takes place in? Adwar.

(Sorry about the quality of the map. I'm not the neatest writer. The book will have a professional one. I just wanted to post this one, to show you what Adwar looks like.)
Adwar is an island surrounded by oceans. It has a land mass the size of Colorado, about 104,000 sq. miles. (And if you are good at your geography, you will notice that Adwar is shaped a lot like France. Yes, I did use France as an outline.) The population is around 2 or 3 million.
Adwar is separated into three countries; Lolnal, Ulairo, and Irior. Lolnal is the land west of the Enol river and includes the Angad mountains and the Angad desert. Ulairo is the land east of the Enol river and south of the Inder mountains. Irior is the land north of the Inder mountains. It is cut off from Lolnal and Ulairo by the Inder mountains.
Adwar has four large bays; Bay of Ulairo, Bay of Lolnal, Bay of Irior, and Bay of Abaddon.
There are three sets of mountain ranges; Angad mountains, Inder mountains, and the Dark Mountains.
Rivers are in abundance. There are several large rivers; Usteld, Enol, Ackser, Ineart, and Eardo. These rivers breaks off into many different rivers and those break off into streams and creeks.
Much of Adwar is wooded. Trees grow thick and fast near the rivers.
There are many meadows and plains. The largest in the Plain of Ulairo, where many armies meet for battle because of it's central location.
There is only one desert, called the Angad desert. Not many people live there because of how dry it is. Not much is known about the people that do live there, because it is mostly cut off from the rest of Adwar.

I hope you enjoyed the first post in the Unafraid alphabet post series! I will cover specific details about each country in Adwar in later posts. Thanks for reading!