Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March Favorites

Welcome to March Favorites! Here are a few of my favorite things I found this month.
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1// I found these bookmarks on Etsy and I knew I had to share them!
2// Being a crocheter, it's always fun to find something that corresponds to my craft.
3// Blue, Doctor Who related nail polish? Yes please!
4// I totally love this shirt and I will get it once I get more money. ;-)
5// Washi tape is my favorite! So pretty!
6// I found a bunch of pictures printed on dictionary pages like this and I totally want a wall of them!
7// These are from my Etsy shop and I think they're the prettiest things I have on there.
8// I love this and want to get a couple of them to dress up my buns.
9// Washi tape covered journals and pencils! They are totally cute and awesome!

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